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Personalised Hello Giraffe to make any room a bit more fun!


Using 3 layers, this piece pops off the wall! The back layer is ply wood, you choose the middle layer - painted mdf, natural mdf or ply. And the front layer is stained dark brown mdf to give the giraffe the finishing touch it needs to become... well... a giraffe!!


MIDDLE LAYER OPTIONS: See the colour chart photo for options and let me know your colour choice from the list below.

As shown in the photos, the middle layer of the 'Hello Coop' version is not painted and is instead left in natural MDF for a nice neutral finish. Natural MDF is included on the list below. There is also the option of natural Ply if you want the back layer and middle layer to be both made in ply.


This is a PERSONALISED piece so there is another comment box where you must add what name you would like to follow 'Hello'. Artwork will be sent to you for you to review to make sure I create what you are wanting!


If you would prefer the piece to only say 'Hello' with no name following, please see the other listing: 'Hello Giraffe - NOT personalised'.


This item is approximately 29cm by 29cm in diameter and 1cm thick.


HANGING: We recommend using 3M velcro command strips (not included) in each corner when hanging this piece on the wall.


The edge of this piece has a dark finish from the laser machines cutting. The back layer is natural ply and may have some burn marks which is normal to find in laser machine made gifts.

Hello Giraffe - PERSONALISED

What colour would you like?