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Beautiful Swirl Monogram signs to decorate any door or wall.

Check out the colour chart photo to decide what colour you would like the MDF monogram painted and let me know in the comment box below. You can also choose from the colour list natural wood or natural MDF.


Add in the comment box following paint colours what name or word you would like created as a monogram. The first letter of your chosen name (or word) will be the large capitalised letter in the monogram. The full name will then make up the centre of the large cpitalised letter.


Artwork will NOT be sent for monograms for you to review.


Monograms are 4mm thick. This item is for the LARGE monogram which is 295mm tall. The width is dictated by the width of the capitalised letter (e.g. W will be wider than V). 


We recommend velcro command strips when sticking monograms to the wall but you can also use blue or white tack or double sided tape. These products do not come with the monogram.


The front face of the monogram is painted in your chosen colour. The edge of the design has a dark finish from the laser machines cutting. The back of the monorgram is natural mdf and may have some burn marks which is normal to find in laser machine made gifts. 

Swirl Monogram Signs

What colour would you like?