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Growth Charts are now available in NATURAL MDF ONLY> white is no longer available. Apologies for any inconvieince but the Natural MDF charts are beeeutiful!! 


Watch Me Grow!! Every Little Persons Room Needs a Personalised Growth Chart! Record your little one’s growth over the years with one of these beautifully designed Growth Charts.


This listing is for the Original Growth Chart (which is simply text, no animation) and it is available in recycled wood (mdf) left in its raw form; Natural MDF.


See photos for more information and complete the info boxes to order.


Artwork WILL be sent to you for your edits or approval before I go ahead with creating the piece.



(Unlike what’s shown in the photos) ALL our Growth Charts now start at 40cm and go up to 180cm. If you require different measurements to that, please make sure you specify what you want in the comments box "Anything else I need to know?".


HANGING your Growth Chart:

(Unlike what’s shown in the photos) Our Growth Charts start at 40cm, so you need to hang the bottom piece leaving a 40cm gap between it and the floor for the chart to be accurate. Once the bottom piece is hung and measures right against your measuring tape, move on to hanging the middle piece, and finally, the top piece. We recommend you use 3M Velcro tabs or double-sided tape tags to hang your chart. These are not included.


PENs: we recommend you test out different pens on the back of the growth chart to see which work best when you have purchased the raw MDF chart. The ink from some pens may bleed especially on raw/natural MDF.



🧡 Our Growth Charts are laser cut and engraved using MDF (recycled wood)

🧡 Laser cut wood products have a dark finish to their edges

🧡 Each growth chart comes in 3 pieces and connects like a jigsaw

🧡 Each piece is 116mm wide & when assembled, the total height is between 1550mm and 1600mm depending on design.


Other Growth Chart designs are available. Visit 'The Collections': 'Growth Charts' for the full selection of Growth Chart designs.

The Original Growth Chart - Personalised

Would you like Natural mdf or White?: Natural MDF