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I had fun making this piece! No pun intended!! 🧩 But seriously, how cute is this 'Piece of my Story' Thank You Personalised Sign to let that special someone know how significant they are! 🌈

Teachers, carers, grandparents... some people can make a great impact on our lives or on our child's life and in turn, they are such a significant piece in our story, and such an important part of our life. Let them know that you realise and appreciate their value with this personalised 'Piece of my Story' Thank You Sign.


✨ This sign is PERSONALISED.

✨ It comes with a beige hanging rope (colour may change if stock runs out).

✨ (Not including the rope) this sign is 10cm by 10cm in size.

✨ The hair colour is available in a selection of colours. 

✨ It is layered and made of 3 materials; painted mdf, raw plywood and acrylic.

'Piece of my Story' Thank You Personalised Sign

What colour HAIR would you like?
  • Once created, we only do returns or a full refund, if we made a mistake on your requested personalisation.

  • 🧡 If cut to make, my products are cut with a laser cutting machine which leaves a dark finish to the edge of MDF and Plywood.

    🧡 Laser cut acrylic does not have a dark finish or any colour change to its edges. 

    🧡 For hanging signs, use the rope attached, safely hooked on to a nail or screw or other secure hanging knob.

    🧡 We do not recommend you hang anything directly above a baby or child’s cot or bed.

    🧡 Keep out of reach from children. Our products are not toys for children and should be treated with care.